Turner Cove Isle Au Haut, Maine


The dock isn't particularly inviting in the middle of the winter.
It gets pretty cold there most days. But that's where the boat
docks so I got to visit the other day.

One thing I noticed was a whole lot of new planking on the deck.
That's a comfort. Some of those old planks wouldn't have looked
appetizing to a starving termite.

Something else new are the decorations on a large spruce beside
the dock. There must be one of every buoy in the bay hanging on
that tree. It's quite a sight! Some large starfish are hung
there too, for a natural look. One resident, who might have had
something to do with this monument, says it's going to just stay
like that until summer.

There was some activity on the dock in spite of the weather. It
seems that the "new" hoist had jammed after being put up for the
third time. Then a few fellows had rigged some oversized sawhorses
in the back of a pickup truck, put planks on the horses and used
the rig as a working platform. It didn't seem that any of them
had taken the OSHA course in workplace safety. Of course it rolled
a bit as they moved about but these fellows had worked on boats so
much that it didn't bother them. They got the hoist down to the
dock and proceeded to beat on it and curse it until it worked again.
Then up it went. Hope it keeps working.