Turner Cove Isle Au Haut, Maine

Artistic License

My daughter, the artist, asked me to take a picture of the mailboat sometime so that she can paint it in watercolors.
That seemed reasonable and since my children gave me the digital camera, I could hardly refuse.

So, on my next trip to the dock I brought the camera and positioned myself on the end of the float as the mailboat pulled in.
The lighting was good and the approach of the boat appropriate. I waited until the mailboat obscured a smaller lobster boat
behind it which wouldn't improve the scene. The shot came out perfect; just what I wanted.

So I sent that off to my daughter and waited for some praise. Back it came. "Good picture of the boat, Dad, but could
you get some of the Island behind it?" Are all artists like that? I tried to explain that I was standing on the Island
(or a float attached to) it so it's hard to get the Island in the background but maybe I could get out in a boat sometime
and get what she wanted.

She thought about that for a while and in the next message, she suggested a shot of the mailboat as it comes down the
Isle au Haut Thorofare with land on both sides in the background. Now maybe we are getting somewhere except that
everything will be in the background now. If my telephoto capability satisfies the proportions in a distant shot,
I may get just what the artist ordered. Wish me luck.