Turner Cove Isle Au Haut, Maine


Randy was at the dock one day tis summer, just back from Portland.
He's a waterfront character, always coming and going on one boat or
another. This time he was in a very happy state of mind. It seems
that he had just set out as pilot for a man who had fixed up a lobster
boat which the fellow wanted to take to Indiana. That adventure
involved sailing down the east coast, across the Gulf and up the
Mississippi. It included some water Randy had never seen and he was
excited at the prospect.

But one day out on the high seas and this new boat owner was so seasick
that he swore off boats right then and there. He told Randy to "go sink
it" for him but knew that Randy would put it to better use.

Want to buy a sturdy lobster boat? Just ask for Randy down at the dock.