Turner Cove Isle Au Haut, Maine

Easy Sandwich

On an Internet search for a simple lunch recipe, a friend found this:

Grilled Cheese with bacon and tomato

"The key is great cheese that melts nicely: I like Cabot Cheddar and a
good whole wheat or Jewish rye for the bread. All you really need to do
is melt a tablespoon of butter on low heat and saute each side for about
4 minutes in a non stick pan. The bacon and tomato is optional. (make
sure the bacon is fresh and cooked ahead of time.) Beefsteak tomatoes
work well."

That sounded simple enough on a first pass but "saute" stopped me.
I've heard of "haute cusine" and know what "haute" means because
Isle au Haut got that in its name. But luckily, saute is in the dictionary
and it means "fry." I can handle that. But fry each side of a tablespoon
of butter? It must have meant to fry the bread. Even the parts in English
are tricky. The final touch about the fresh, cooked bacon suggests that
the recipe was really intended to be simple and for that I am grateful.

A recipe that throws out French words makes me suspicious. You wonder
where they are going and why. But maybe I can get used to it just like I
got used to Isle au Haut. And perhaps it could be worse. Old Sid, who
hangs around the dock in Stonington, showed me a book that says the
Chinese really discovered America and didn't do anything about it. No
doubt that is our great, good fortune. With the trouble tourists have in
pronouncing Isle au Haut, just imagine what we'd go through if the
Chinese had named the Island.