Turner Cove Isle Au Haut, Maine


The mackerel were biting and a group of young men had gathered at the dock.
One fish after another rose from the water on the lines of the fishermen.
Not far away, a crafty comorant observed this activity with great interest.

That comorant or shag as the locals call him, had to get wet and cold for
every little fish he caught. The prospect of a big meal for almost no
discomfort became too much for his natural timidity. He flew by the
fishermen and caught the next mackerel in mid-air as one of them pulled it up.

But that fisherman wasn't about to let some shag eat his lunch. He gave his
line a good yank, the shag did a flip, then lost his stolen fish. The
fisherman claimed it, added it to his catch, brought them home and we feasted.