Turner Cove Isle Au Haut, Maine


It's a challenge to find a hardy plant that survives neglect and doesn't appeal
to deer. I thought that heather might be such a flower and was tempted by some
attractive pictures of heather plantings. They did warn that most varieties
don't like severe cold or wind so that covering it for the winter was recommended.

So I bought a couple plants at the nursery and they wished me luck. I suspected
I'd need it. Then I planted them in a place I liked and gave them some extra
attention, even including a cover of spruce boughs for a few winters. They seemed
to prosper for a while then succumbed one winter.

For a season or two, I looked for new growth but no luck. Then, to my surprise,
two new patches of one of them appeared in a nearby location. It had escaped,
found a place it liked better and seems to be spreading.

Can you imagine that? I gave it lots of T.L.C. - water, fertilizer and cover - and
it just ran away. It's as if my dog ran away to live with a neighbor who neglects it.
I don't know what to do now. Ignore it?