Turner Cove Isle Au Haut, Maine

Island Transportation

Island transportation is a varied thing. Many take pride in the
antiquity of their vehicles and such machines as the Ford models T and
and A still do daily service. A majority of the "newer" vehicles
are B.C. (Before Computers), partly because they are easier to service.
Then, the lack of an inspection requirement often means that what
service occurs is only the minimum necessary to move.

Another form of competition among Islanders is the capacity of their
machines. Records of these contests don't exist unless the
participants took pictures but it's said that one pickup carried
over 25 persons. That vehicle probably had standees on the
running boards because some B.C. vehicles had that feature.

On another occassion, a couple campers prevailed on an
Islander's guest to convey them from the campground to
the Town. That's a five mile trip including much rough, dirt road.
As soon as the guest agreed, the campers mentioned that there
were seven in the party along with camping equipment.
On that trip, a couple of the campers rode on the rear bumper
while hanging onto the roof rack.