Turner Cove Isle Au Haut, Maine


Ever notice that beamy old black hull with the white barn on it,
anchored off buoy 1 in Stonington Harbor? It brings Noah's Ark
to mind. Now the last I heard, the archealogists were searching
for the real Noah's Ark high on the slopes of Mt. Arrarat in the
Middle East. Indeed that may be the final resting place of the
original Noah's Ark.

But the grandchildren are hardly satisfied with that explanation.
They'd like to believe that this local vessel might have a more
important history than we might choose to give it. For a closer
look, we had to pass downwind of the old boat. The odor convinced
them: if it smelled that much, it had to have been the Ark!

Another man's grandchildren observed those red and green and red
buoys which line the watery channels of the coast. We would think
of them as cans and nuns. Not those children. They told me that
they were seeing "ketchup and relish."