Turner Cove Isle Au Haut, Maine


Got off the boat one Sunday morning at the town dock thinking
I'd find me a church, that probably being a good thing to do
on Sunday morning. So I was hardly off the floats onto the
parking lot when I spotted a sign on the basement of a building
that said BEANO. Must be a church, I thought. I looked for a
clue on the roof but that doesn't always work because some
churches have weathervanes on top.

So I walked up another flight of stairs and there was a pretty
good congregation of industrious folks washing and polishing
red trucks. It looked like it might be some kind of red truck
worship service but then I saw a sign that said "Fire Dept."

Since I was looking for a church and not a job, I kept walking
on up the hill. Pretty soon I came to a white church with a
sign " St. Mary Star of the Sea". Now that sounds like a church
and it looks like a church. Folks were entering so I stood on
the granite step and looked in.

Up front was a granite altar and that seemed to suit Stonington
very well. "Come in" says a lobsterman named John at the door
as he handed me a program. I did. I liked what I saw - that
was just what I was looking for. Sometimes you're lucky.