Turner Cove Isle Au Haut, Maine


Well, the dock was a very busy place lately with the lobster boat race in town.
Got there two hours early and was lucky to find a place to tie. Anyway, I was
reminded of a visit to a county fair not so long ago where I watched the horse
pulling contests. It seems that one of the contestants who'd been going to the
fair since he was big enough to crawl under the fence, was in the pulling race.
The announcer said that this contestant had gotten married a year or so ago,
just before the county fair. Apparently he hadn't talked too much about the
future with his bride because she announced that she wanted to go to Florida
for her honeymoon. Then he said that he was going to the county fair just like
he always had and he thought that ought to suit her fine.

Well, she went to Florida and he went to the county fair and that was the last
he'd seen of her. She just stayed there.

I wonder if that happens at the boat races. Can't you see that fisherman, racing
his lobster boat, as his new bride goes off to Boston to ride on the Swan Boat?