Turner Cove Isle Au Haut, Maine

The Fisherman

He's a fisherman. He's always out there, often long after the rest have
returned to port. And when he returns, it's not with the roar and wake
of so many others. He motors slowly back after a full day, savoring the
stronger breeze and gentler sun of late afternoon.

He says he loves the sea but dislikes the land. Only a man like that might
fish offshore in winter, spending long nights in the lee of some distant little

Some men love boats and their boat names reflect their passion. This
fisherman loves the sea. His boat simply bears the name of a woman
associated with a previous owner.

He is so salty that when he dies, they'll probably just lay him in the sun
to dry for a few days with no artificial preservatives. It will be a genuine
organic interment. And on his monument, carved in Stonington granite,
it should say proudly "FISHERMAN."