Turner Cove Isle Au Haut, Maine


Shopping down at a waterfront store the other day, there was a little
banter between one of the older, batchelor fishermen and a young fellow.
It included some teasing about the younger one getting a "ring in his
nose" which I presume was a marriage intention.

What struck me was the probable lack of competence on the part of the
older man in that subject. Now if that fellow was preaching about sobriety,
he'd be worth listening to. And if he was lecturing about fishing, he
should be given full attention. But marriage? In the sea of matrimony,
that bachelor fisherman is way over his head.

Isn't that often the way? We get advice from those who know very little
about the subject. On the other hand, how about this wisdom from a
well-known Polish shepherd? He says that marriage is the human reality
that best mirrors the relationship between God and His people.
Now there's an ideal to challenge us!