Turner Cove Isle Au Haut, Maine

Whale Watching

The most significant event on the Island last week was the appearance of a
dead whale on the shore in the Park. When my two, ten year old grandsons
got wind of that, they couldn't wait to make an inspection. Not all the
adults became quite as excited, of course. But all certainly were grateful it
was not on their own waterfront.

The mother of one of those boys agreed to a "whale watching" expedition
the next morning. Knowing the surplus energy in her charges, she made a deal.
They would ride their bikes around the Island, a twelve mile trip, do a side
trip to view the whale, take a dip in the pond and return for breakfast. That
would help slow the boys down for a few more hours.

The adventure went off quite well but not without a little grumbling about the
extra mileage. And all seemed satisfied that one dead whale is about as many
as you need to see. When rumors of a second sighting came in, there was no
big stir to make another trip. So the interest returns to fishing and a few
mackerel will make their day.